Helping Healthcare Tell Its Story


Because the storyteller sometimes gets off track. We’ll get you back on.

Marketing Communications

Because the stories don't tell themselves. We'll help you get them to market.


Because some stories are technical and require expertise. We've got 10+ years.


Every individual, a story.
Every enterprise, a story.
Every brand, a story.

We exist to tell those stories more clearly. More accurately.

To make certain the details are right.
To make certain the passion is felt.
To make certain they impact the audience.

We exist to facilitate communication.

To ensure key messages are conveyed.
To ensure everyone's opinion is heard.
To ensure dialogue is preserved.

We exist to train others in the art of communication.

Because it's more than simply speaking.
Because the stories don't transmit themselves.
Because everyone can achieve excellence.

We bring these convictions creatively.

To our clients.
To our partners.
To each other.

Training Workshops

Human communication and behavior are fascinating. That’s why we’ve been students of its delivery and effect for years.

Communications is rarely taught until the college years, and as a result many of us replicate poor habits we learned early on.

Our seminars and workshops focus on practical skills that create new behaviors. Whether it’s active listening, presentation, emotional intelligence, or assertiveness, each session is designed to produce effective change.

Training others to be able to tell their story clearly and powerfully is what we do.

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications is the organic product of our communications training and expertise. For years we’ve been helping people tell their story more clearly and powerfully, so it’s natural that they would ask us to help them take their message to market.

We’ve now become digital asset managers, editors, and coaches to an incredible range of clients. From solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 multinationals, we’ve created social media campaigns, produced promotional videos, and curated content.

Let’s get creative with your story and shout it from the digital rooftops.

Medical Education

Healthcare is unlike any other industry. Its processes are complex and the messaging precise. Because of this it was Serraʼs only focus for its first ten years.

Our programs are custom designed with you in mind.

For your target audience.

To produce results.

The pharma environment is a unique blend of scientific messaging and rigorous marketing that few understand. Weʼve had years of experience speaking to this audience and this one alone. Whether weʼre training your advocates at an STM or facilitating your reps at a POA, the pressure is on us to drain every ounce of ROI from that session.

We do this with sincerity because some stories are life changing.

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The Master Class

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Humanizing Our Work

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