Serra’s work takes two distinct but complementary forms: training and marketing communications. We cut our teeth in the exacting world of medical education, training healthcare professionals in the communication arts. For over 10 years we’ve brought custom-designed communication training to our growing list of over 70 clients worldwide.

The next step in our development was to take our communications acumen, creative genes, and digital asset management skills and apply them directly to our clients’ marketing needs. From creative ideation to execution to hand-off, we’ve run social media campaigns, produced promotional videos, and curated content for solo entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 multinationals. Pretty impressive for a small boutique shop.


So whether you’re hoping to upskill your team in their professional development or take your marketing message to the digital world, we can help.


If you want to engage in conversation on how our expertise can help you reach your training or marketing communications goals, shoot us an email, and let’s get personal, creative, and fired up about your ideas.




Download our Capabilities One-Sheet

ManifestoEvery individual, a story.
Every enterprise, a story.
Every brand, a story.We exist to tell those stories more clearly. More accurately.To make certain the details are right.
To make certain the passion is felt.
To make certain they impact the audience.We exist to facilitate communication.To ensure key messages are conveyed.
To ensure everyone’s opinion is heard.
To ensure dialogue is preserved.We exist to train others in the art of communication.

Because it’s more than simply speaking.
Because the stories don’t transmit themselves.
Because everyone can achieve excellence.

We bring these convictions creatively.

To our clients.
To our partners.
To each other.